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Tips for installing a jacuzzi

Before buying a hot tub, you should probably already do a little study on where you will install it. Whether outside or inside. This is a very important step that should not be overlooked. In any case, the choice of your jacuzzi, concerning its quality (material, number of places, type of jacuzzi as in wood, inflatable…) will depend on its price just like the spa, which will also depend on the spa prices. But once you have your jacuzzi kit with you, there are also a few guidelines to follow to ensure it is set up.

Preparation of the installation site.

First, consider whether the installation will be indoors or outdoors. For the indoor jacuzzi, your floor must be solid, non-slip, waterproof and be able to resist water and chemicals. The ventilation system must be very efficient. For the outdoor jacuzzi tubs, you must find out about the safety standards in your municipality, to know if your place has the capacity to install it or not. You should also be aware of the environment around your jacuzzi, that is to say to prevent the wind and rain from bringing dirt into it.

Installation instructions.

Whatever the type of your jacuzzi, inflatable or wooden ... .. Once you have the kit in your hands, take the time to read everything that is indicated on the installation instructions, because the fact that whether it is simple or not will depend a lot on your skill, especially for the inflatable and wooden jacuzzi. But for the insert, you cannot go without professional assistance if you want to ensure your installation. Only you need to know these, such as having access to electric current, solid ground with a suitable environment, considered access to the technical block in case of troubleshooting.
If you have the gift of a handyman you can do it by yourself, but if this is not the case and you are in doubt, the opinion of the professionals whether it comes from the manufacturer or the point of sale is always recommended.

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