How to choose the best hot tub for you ?

How about taking a bath while getting a massage? This is not another person taking a bath with you, but the spa tub. You walk in and enjoy the hydromassage, just like in a spa, but with a certain difference.

Why a balneotherapy bath at home?

If you have the means and especially enough space in the bathroom, prefer a spa bath rather than a simple bathtub. It promises you relaxation, pleasure and sometimes relief thanks to its therapeutic features. Indeed, a balneo bathtub is equipped with jets, which will come to massage the targeted parts of the body such as the neck, the back and the thighs. Massages are provided by different types of systems. For better blood circulation, count on the efficiency of the air system. Heated air will come out of the jets at the bottom of the tub. Otherwise, you can turn to models with a water system. The jets are in this case on the side walls of the tub. They particularly target the muscles. Note that these two systems can be combined.

What are the options?

Installing a balneotherapy bathtub is a serious investment, which is why it is important to choose the right model. Take into account the style of your interior as well as where you are going to put your special bathtub. On the market, in this case at tropic spa, there is a wide choice of whirlpool tubs. You can bet on a one-seater model if you live alone or on a 2-seater spa if you live as a couple. In addition to the different types of massages offered by these devices, some associate therapy with light therapy. This is the case with LED whirlpools in various shades: relaxation is guaranteed.

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